An Oanhtourage Adventure!

“Eat Happy, Live Humbly.” I’d like to take a second to give a very special person a birthday shout-out. From friends and fellow Korean culture lovers to better friends, still avid lovers of Korea, and even Isms; Oanh Nguyen has been by far one of my favorite people that I’ve met in college. I hope this day is as OANH-derful as you are (sorry for the lame pun), but honestly if anyone deserves a good birthday it’s the girl who gives so much to other people. Thank you for always being so positive, creative, caring, willing to share your wisdom with me and for all those random late night FaceTime chats. Also, if nothing else, thanks for being a friend when I needed it. Happy Birthday Ism! I hope it’s perfect! 생일 축하해! #사랑해 #Number32 #Oanhtourage 👑3⃣2⃣🇰🇷❤️💜

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